TWICE Chaeyoung Confesses Why She’s Deeply Thankful To Sana

Sana knows exactly what to do to cheer the other members up.

TWICE has had a busy schedule, and it took it’s toll on the members.

During their re:memVer party in January, TWICE took some time to thank each other and talk about what they were most grateful about.

Chaeyoung then revealed that she was most thankful for Sana‘s incredibly thoughtful act.

Most ONCEs wouldn’t be surprised to hear this – Sana is well-known as the most physically affectionate member of TWICE.

She can’t stop showering her fellow members with love, and they love it.

Well, not always.

Nevertheless, Sana never lets rejection get her down, and continues to be the light in TWICE’s life.


Source: Instagram, vlive and Twitter