TWICE Fan Takes HD Photos Of Chaeyoung’s Arm Tattoos, And They’re Super Pretty

Here’s how fans reacted.

TWICE recently kicked off their North American tour. Aside from being blessed with fan-taken videos of their performances, overseas ONCEs were also treated to many gorgeous pictures of the girls.

Three photos were quick to spread in the community, and for good reason! They were a set of high definition photos of Chaeyoung’s arm tattoos.

Chaeyoung | @sorakonnn/Twitter

As expected from past sightings, they are incredibly pretty!

| @sorakonnn/Twitter

Because of Korea’s conservative views, female K-Pop idols have been covering up their tattoos for years, especially on live broadcasts. It was a breath of fresh air to see Chaeyoung proudly expose them during the concert.

| @sorakonnn/Twitter

ONCEs who viewed the photos were in love. Many called her “cool,” “sexy,” and “hot.”

They hope that she’ll one day show off her tattoos in their entirety.

One of the last times Chaeyoung did so was during the group’s “SCIENTIST” dance practice video, and fans are definitely ready for more!

In case you’re still curious, check out six of her tattoos in greater detail here:

These Are 6 of TWICE Chaeyoung’s Tattoos That Make Her Even More Stunning

Source: Twitter