TWICE’s Chaeyoung Leaves Fans Breathless With Flawless Bare Face—Even When She Just Woke Up

Every angle of hers is stunning!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung stunned fans with her natural beauty in the most recent “TW-LOG With SECRET FRIEND” vlog.

For majority of the video, fans accompanied her as she ate a scrumptious-looking dinner.

The close-up shots perfectly captured her clear, glowing skin. Although she explained that the cause was the hot weather, she proved in the next shot that she’s flawless 24/7!

It’s because I’m feeling hot, and I’m dressed in thick clothes.

— Chaeyoung

She was seen looking as fresh as ever even if she just woke up from a good night’s rest. As she rubbed her eyes, she said, “I just woke up.

She makes people wonder how it’s possible to look this effortlessly beautiful!

Naturally, fans couldn’t get over how gorgeous she is. Calling her “beautiful” and “the prettiest,” they were left speechless when they saw her flawless, bare skin.

Hilariously, a fan even joked that her skin is so smooth that mosquitos would slip if they were to land on it!

All in all, the consensus is that she is breathtaking in every angle, no matter what she does.

See more of Chaeyoung in the full video below.

Source: TWICE