Here’s How TWICE’s Chaeyoung Fell In Love With Her Favorite Singer Of All Time, Justin Bieber

She’s been loyal to him for years ❤️

It’s no secret that TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is a huge fan of Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber | @biebersdepths/Twitter

In fact, she even covered his 2021 song “Off My Face” for her most recent Melody Project!

In a behind the scenes video for the said cover, Chaeyoung explained why she chose the song. It was an easy pick because of how much she already enjoyed listening to it since its release.

I’ve always wanted to cover a song by Justin Bieber. I thought about what song to choose, and I thought how much I like this song, so I picked it right away.

— Chaeyoung

The lyrics are beautiful and so is the music,” she added.

When asked why she likes Justin Bieber so much, she shared a story from her trainee days. The first song of his that she listened to was “As Long As You Love Me.”

When I was a trainee, I saw his music video for the first time. It was ‘As Long As You Love Me.’

— Chaeyoung

She was drawn to his charisma and the beauty of the song. Ever since then, she loved him and his music.

He was just so cool and the song was so beautiful. I’ve admired him ever since. I’ve been in love with his music since then.

— Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung’s loyalty to Justin Bieber is no joke!

In the same video, Chaeyoung heard that she may actually be the shortest person in JYP Entertainment. Check out her hilarious reaction here:

TWICE’s Chaeyoung Has The Shock Of A Lifetime When She Hears She’s The Smallest In JYP Entertainment

Source: YouTube


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