TWICE’s Chaeyoung Reveals The Most Memorable And Unexpected Birthday Gift Nayeon Gave Her

“That was the best.”

On TWICE‘s latest appearance on MBC FM4U‘s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope radio show, the girls talked about Tzuyu‘s recent birthday and their favorite birthday gifts!

During the episode, DJ Kim Shin Young brought attention to Tzuyu’s recent birthday and asked what kind of gifts she received from her members. Tzuyu revealed that the members actually give one other gifts a bit later than their actual birthdays.

I haven’t received any yet. We always give birthday presents late. Like after a month

— Tzuyu

Instead of finding out what Tzuyu got on her birthday, the members shared the most memorable gifts they’ve gotten from one another.

Momo shared that she received a knitted scarf from fellow member Mina and commented.

My birthday is in winter, and Mina knitted me a scarf. I thought it was great.

— Momo

While Momo’s gift from Mina was not too shocking, Chaeyoung shared a present she received from Nayeon that no one expected to hear.

Nayeon unnie gave me underwear as a gift when I became an adult. That was the best. At first, we all saved money together and congratulated each other, but it was too much to celebrate all 9 of our birthdays in a year. Still, we take care of each other separately.

— Chaeyoung

Although unexpected, Nayeon’s gift is thoughtful and of course, super useful!

Check out the interview below:

Source: Sports World


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