TWICE’s Chaeyoung And Mina Figure Out Where Mina’s Elegant Vibe Comes From

Their answer makes so much sense!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and Mina figured out where Mina’s “slow tempo” comes from!

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TWICE’s Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although she has her chaotic and funny moments, Mina has always been known for her elegant vibe. She moves with grace both on and off the stage, and she stands out because of her very chill demeanor.

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While performing on tour in Fort Worth, Texas, Chaeyoung and Mina finally figured out where Mina’s elegant “slow tempo” vibe came from.

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In her TW-LOG from the III tour, Chaeyoung showed her and Mina hanging out backstage after the encore performance from the Fort Worth concert. Both Chaeyoung and Mina were impressed by how great the Texas ONCEs were at dancing!

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They were also surprised that ONCE wanted to hear “Love Foolish” as one of the encore songs. As they discussed the encore performance of “Love Foolish,” Chaeyoung and Mina did a little bit of the song’s choreography.

Compared to many of TWICE’s other dances, the “Love Foolish” choreography is fairly slow.

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As they danced to “Love Foolish,” Chaeyoung guessed that the fans at the Fort Worth concert loved the song so much because it had a “Texan vibe.” 

Mina responded, “Maybe that’s why I’m also a little bit slow tempo?”

Looks like Mina owes her elegant, calm, and collected vibe to her Texas roots!

Check out Chaeyoung’s full TW-LOG below.