TWICE’s Chaeyoung Was Scared Of Mina The First Time They Met—Here’s Why

Mina knew exactly what she was talking about.

Sometimes, a person is so striking that you remember your first impression of them even years down the line. For TWICE‘s Chaeyoung, she will never forget the way Mina looked on the day they met as trainees in JYP Entertainment.

Chaeyoung (left) and Mina (right)

The “SCIENTIST” rapper talked all about the memory in a recent pottery date with the Japanese star. But unlike many first impressions, this one was borderline scary!

The moment she brought the topic up, Mina knew exactly what she was referring to. “You thought I looked like a ghost?” she said with a chuckle.

Agreeing, Chaeyoung recalled that they met in the same practice room. She was shocked to see a girl with long and straight hair.

We were in the same room when we were trainees. I was in the practice room on the 4th floor when I saw you. And you were standing like this with long straight hair.

— Chaeyoung

And true enough, Mina did have the exact type of hair Chaeyoung described!

She added, “That really scared me.” Hearing her description, she may have been reminded of ghosts like Sadako Yamamura from the famous novel and film series Ring.

After competing in reality program Sixteen and making it to TWICE, Chaeyoung and Mina became good friends. Chaeyoung may have been afraid at the start, but she quickly realized that Mina’s true personality couldn’t have been further from her original impression!

While you’re at it, you can watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube