TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shares a Photo with Her Mom, Netizens Are Shocked

Nothing beats genetics.

On February 21, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung shared fun photos of herself along with the caption, “A fun day with my mom. Did I look at everything too intensely? I really liked this place. It’s fun spending time with my mom.

The photos were taken at the Pierre et Gilles exhibit, and Chaeyoung was seen posing with various works.

She could be seen making cute poses in front of the works, and she even looked at one from very close up.

What caught the attention of fans was the last photo she shared, which were photos of Chaeyoung with her mom.

Fans were surprised by how much they resembled each other and commented on how beautiful and young her mother looked.

“How is she her mom? They look like friends… Damn…”
“They look like friends…”
“I thought Chaeyoung was the mother because of her light hair. Her mother is so beautiful though.”

Don’t they look just like each other? This is just further proof that genetics can’t be beaten.

Source: My Daily


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