No One Can Resist TWICE Chaeyoung’s Charms, And This Is Why

It really is impossible to resist Chaeyoung!

Although there may be only one official visual for the group, every ONCE knows that each member of TWICE has their own jaw-dropping visuals.


And some of those goddess level visuals belong to Chaeyoung.


It doesn’t matter how she styles her hair…


What clothes she wears…


Or what she’s doing…


Her visuals are always outstanding!


Add in the fact that Chaeyoung has an absolutely fierce persona on stage…


And it’s hard not to be blown away by the rapper and singer!


But Chaeyoung has also stolen hearts not only because of her visuals.


But because she’s also an absolutely outstanding rapper and singer.


And she’s got some serious dance moves!


Of course, Chaeyoung isn’t just pure fierceness, she’s also a really a big softie at heart!


Plus Chaeyoung is extremely expressive which makes her even more loveable!


Fans have given her the nickname “Chae Bae” short for Chaeyoung is bae because she comes before anyone else!


It would be hard to argue that someone could come before her when she’s so incredibly talented and sweet.


And has some of the most amazing visuals too!


With her talents, visuals, and sweet personality, nobody can resist Chaeyoung’s charms!