TWICE’s Chaeyoung Opens Up About Growing Apart From Her Friends

Growing up while also being an idol can be tough.

TWICE‘s documentary TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT has given everyone an in-depth look into how the members continue to grow and mature into experienced idols.

Since it isn’t easy and involves some growing pains, Chaeyoung opened up about how achieving her dream affected how she interacted with her friends.

As the youngest in the group, Chaeyoung pointed out how she’d already discovered her dream of becoming an idol and began to walk. Since she had it figured out so soon, she noticed a shift in the friendships she had.

Remembering her trainee days, she revealed how they’ve begun to grow apart, “I started my career early in my life, so whenever I meet my friends, I mean… We didn’t share many topics to empathize with each other.”

On top of no longer having things in common to discuss with each other, Chaeyoung felt that she couldn’t fully be herself.

To be considerate of her friends who hadn’t found their calling, she refrained from speaking about her training. “We didn’t talk much about what I was doing since my friends were still trying to decide what to do.”

While her friends were attending school and diligently pursuing their studies, they grew even further apart, “And they were studying while I started working.” Becoming a member of TWICE and promoting left her little time to connect with those friends.

The significant difference in how Chaeyoung and her friends were living their lives meant there were more things they no longer had in common than before.

Although everyone isn’t an idol, it’s a situation that every single individual can relate to. Whatever the reason, friends either grow apart or grow together.

Listen to Chaeyoung open up about how friendships can change with growth.