TWICE Chaeyoung’s Hilarious Reaction To Standing Next To Jeongyeon And Tzuyu Caught On Camera

Even her members couldn’t help cracking up!

Anybody who’s shorter than their best friends knows that being small can be very good but comes with its own set of challenges. Which is exactly how things are for TWICE‘s Chaeyoung!


Being one of the shortest members of the group at 159cm (5’2″), things aren’t always that easy especially when you have a giant for a maknae! Tzuyu‘s official height is 170cm (5’7″) but fans believe that she’s actually 172cm (5’8″)!


While Chaeyoung has already experienced what happens when she’s in the same shot as Tzuyu…

Tzuyu: “Aren’t you tired of holding the camera?”
Chaeyeon: “No, I’m fine. Do I look tired?”
Tzuyu: “No, but my head keeps getting cut out of the shot.”


Her reaction to getting sandwiched between not one but two of her tallest members was priceless.


At the end of November when the girls headed to Music Bank, Chaeyoung’s height limits were put to the test. She was already walking right next to Jeongyeon who just so happens to be the second tallest member at 167cm (5’7″)…


When Chaeyoung came off the red carpet to get photos taken and found herself walking straight towards Tzuyu!


As soon as she spotted Tzuyu, she couldn’t stop herself from cracking up. I mean, what are the chances that one of the shortest members would end up right in between the two tallest?


With an already adorable reaction, Chaeyoung was going to do something else that would give everyone a heart attack with her cuteness. After positioning herself between the two she quickly raised herself onto her tiptoes.


Unfortunately, her attempt to raise herself to the other girls’ height didn’t work quite how she planned. So instead, Tzuyu lowered herself down to meet Chaeyoung and on the other side Jeongyeon bent her knees to match with her too!


The adorable interaction and Chaeyoung’s own hilarious reaction quickly stole the hearts of netizens.

  • Chaeyoung is so cute!”

  • “Everyone around Chaeyoung  is so tall and then her reactionㅋㅋㅋ.”

  • “Hul Chaeyoung is 159cm tall? I did not know she was so small but her ratio is so good.”

  • “That’s our baby lion!”


But really with all the cuteness going on, who could blame them?