TWICE’s Chaeyoung Breaks Girl Group Norms In Solo Pictorial

“I want to be a person who’s kind but not soft.”

TWICE’s Chaeyoung recently opened up in a solo interview with GQ Korea. She started off by saying that she is very active in expressing herself even in her current line of work.

When asked about concepts that suit her well, she explained that she was used to the cute image as she debuted at a young age and is the maknae of TWICE.

In reality, she revealed that she actually enjoys the strong concepts like the GQ photo shoot, especially since her position in the group is as a rapper.

Chaeyoung touched on topics that broke barriers on the expectations placed on female idols. One of them was on her height.

Another topic was on the cute image that most idols have nowadays. Like how Kristen Stewart wore Converse shoes to the Cannes Film Festival, she too wants to expand people’s perspectives.

Some people just think of idols as having a pretty or cute image or being full of aegyo, but I want to broaden this view. You can have this kind or that kind of image as an idol. I think an idol can be expressed in different ways.”

— TWICE’s Chaeyoung

She always like to do things differently, be it with her clothes or short haircut.

Comfort over style is her motto, preferring to forgo wearing masks or bringing her manager with her at all times.

Moreover, Chaeyoung highlighted how much she treasures her TWICE members, calling them her family.

Fans could not stop praising her words, saying how they love how she continues to break norms for women all around the globe.

She really is a great role model!