Chaeyoung Sounds like a Man When She Does This in the Washroom

Dahyun thought there was a middle-aged man in the house.

On a recent episode of Knowing Bros, TWICE‘s Dahyun revealed one of Chaeyoung‘s loud habits.

On the show, the TWICE members were asked if they had any complaints against one another since they live together.

Dahyun immediately spoke up and said she had a complaint against Chaeyoung.

She then went on to complain that Chaeyoung makes a lot of noises when she brushes her teeth.

The other members agreed and caused a roar of laughter.

Dahyun continued and said she thought there was a middle-aged man in the house.

She said when she opened the door to the washroom, Chaeyoung was brushing her tongue while making very large grunting noises.

The male cast of the show sympathized and gave her some advice regarding how to brush your teeth.

Check out the hilarious revelation in the link below:

Source: Newsen