TWICE Received A Text Message From Chaeyoung That Made Them Think She Was Drunk, Here’s Why

Have you texted the same thing?

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung once texted her members a message that was so unexpected, no one believed that she was sober. Momo and Jihyo talked all about it when they went on a solo date for an episode of “2WICE’s DATE.”

TWICE’s Momo (left), Chaeyoung (center), and Jihyo (right) | @mimomopen/Twitter

During their car ride, Momo mentioned that she had received a text from Chaeyoung. Grinning, Jihyo immediately knew what she was referring to and said that her first thought was that it was a mission!

  • Momo: I got a text from Chaeyoung.
  • Jihyo: I didn’t expect it. I thought Chaeyoung was doing a mission or something. I think she sent it to all the members.

Momo further explained that Chaeyoung texted them, “I love you.” It’s no wonder they thought she was drunk.

When Momo called her out on it, she revealed that everyone reacted in the same way. The honest words made Momo realize that she was “so cute.”

It said ‘I love you.’ So I was like, ‘Have you been drinking?‘ She goes, ‘Why does everyone say that? I didn’t drink. Everyone thinks I’m drunk when I tell them I love them.’ I was so shocked. She was so cute.

— Momo

Jihyo agreed and added that the rapper “has so much love for us these days.”

The two unnies fondly gushed over how cute their “strawberry princess” is.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Chaeyoung’s sweet text message is just one more proof that she is one of the most genuinely sweet and appreciative people out there! ONCEs are lucky to know her.

Watch Momo and Jihyo’s full date in the video below.

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