Here’s What TWICE’s Chaeyoung Thought About Their First US Tour Ever

It was quite special to her.

In July of 2019, TWICE successfully completed their US leg of the TWICELIGHTS Tour – blessing cities like Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Chicago. In a recent GQ Korea interview, Chaeyoung revealed how she felt about the whole experience and what the tour meant to her.


During the interview, Chaeyoung was asked to pick her biggest accomplishment of the year.

What is the one best thing that you’ve done this year?

— GQ Korea


Chaeyoung answered, “The tour.”

The tour! It was our first time touring in the United States.

— Chaeyoung


She shared that she, and TWICE as a group, “grew” from the experience and so it was quite meaningful to her.

I felt like we matured as a group. So that’s actually the best thing that I did this year.

— Chaeyoung


While Chaeyoung did not specifically point out, fans know that TWICE went through some emotional times during the tour as member Mina announced her hiatus from all promotions due to health concerns. Completing the tour without Mina must have been tough on the members – and as Chaeyoung said, TWICE are likely to have matured from the experience.

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Nonetheless, TWICELIGHTS was a hit in the United States and indisputably the best thing that happened to the American ONCEs in 2019 too!


Watch the interview here: