TWICE’s Chaeyoung Tried Western-Style Makeup And Koreans Can’t Handle It

She looks completely different, and people can’t get enough!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung sported a new style of makeup during TWICE’s TWICELAND Fantasy Park concert back in May, and fans are still going crazy over how different it makes her look!


Many fans believe that she looks much more mature with the new look.


The new style of makeup gives her a more western feel, almost like a young Hollywood starlet!


With sharp, clear features, Chaeyoung gives off a stronger vibe than what we’re used to!


Unique, yet chic, Chaeyoung has got looks that can kill!


With a fresh new wardrobe to go along with the makeup, Chaeyoung owns the look.


If TWICE chooses to go the mature, sexy route, Chaeyoung can give pointers to the other members.


The look just comes so naturally to her!


Many of her fans believe that her beauty has endless potential.


Chaeyoung is making a statement with her new look.


Whether you like this look on her or not, you gotta admit, she can pull it off!

Source: Pann