TWICE’s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung Share How They Really Feel When They Look at ITZY

The two youngest members of TWICE shared their thoughts on JYP’s new girl group.

TWICE recently appeared on JTBC’s Idol Room where they promoted their new song, “FANCY”, and revealed how they feel when they look at their fellow JYP group, ITZY.



On the show, TWICE was asked how they felt about ITZY, and they responded with, “They’re cute” and also shared how they attended their dome concert and even made signs to cheer them on.


Regarding this question, the youngest member, Tzuyu shared her thoughts by confessing, “Since their debut concept was really different from ours, they were really fascinating to me, and that made keep watching them.


In response, Jeong Hyeong Dong asked, “Do you give them good advice?” to which Tzuzu answered, “We’re not at that point yet” and made everyone laugh.

At this point, the second youngest member, Chaeyoung also joined in and shared, “When I look at ITZY, I realize that I’m not at a young age anymore.

This might be quite surprising since Chaeyoung was born in 1999, making her only 20 years old. On the other hand, ITZY debuted just this year with the youngest member, Yuna, being just 16 years old.


Source: Dispatch