TWICE Chaeyoung’s Hairstyles Throughout Her Career

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has gone through quite a variety of hairstyles since her days on JYP’s survival show SIXTEEN.

From plain and relaxed hair to a short, retro style, fans have discussed which of her looks suit her the most.

During her time as a trainee contestant on Mnet survival show SIXTEEN, Chaeyoung’s hairstyle was more laid back and relaxed. As she began to evolve more as an artist after her debut with TWICE in 2015, fans were starting to notice her changing hairstyles.

Check out all of her looks below:

Her longer hair during her days in Sixteen.

Although she rocked this look at the start of her career, she looked incredibly chic and mature for her age. 

Look at her slightly shorter hair while giving ONCE’s a heart~!

At one point, she cut her hair a little shorter and even curled it a bit!

Probably the longest her hair has ever been during her time in TWICE!

She looked like a real mermaid for TWICE’s “TT” music video. 

Her hair is the shortest it’s ever been now!

She’s certainly wowing her fans now with her short and adorable hairstyle!