TWICE Chaeyoung’s pre-debut photos reveal how much she’s really changed

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung looks exactly the same as she did when she was young, joining the list of natural beauties.

TWICE’s main rapper Chaeyoung is gaining attention for her childhood photos that barely show any difference from how she looks today. Her strong facial features captured in her past photos prove that she is a natural beauty. Fans are saying that her facial proportions were flawless even back then.

Chaeyoung’s pre-debut photos

Her round eyes haven’t changed a bit.
She has the same innocent look today.

Fans are amazed by her high-bridged nose.
TWICE even printed photocards of Chaeyoung as a child.
She even modeled for a kid’s magazine in elementary school!
She was always photogenic.
She was gorgeous back in middle school, too.
Rocking her high school uniform.

This is what Chaeyoung looks like now

Source: Pann