TWICE Changed The Entire “Likey” Song for ONCE

During their first and only fansign for their repackage album Merry & Happy, TWICE gathered suggestions from fans for a special performance at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

Their first performance, “Heart Shaker”, went smoothly and beautifully, but without any surprises, so ONCEs weren’t sure as to what to expect from “Likey”.

But once the members got into formation, ONCEs realized that TWICE would be performing the whole song with each members’ individual parts exchanged!

ONCE and other netizens were all amazed and wrote in to say that TWICE is just as amazing, if not more, with the parts changed!

Here’s how the parts were redistributed:

Jihyo took on the other main vocal part, taking Nayeon‘s part.

Jeongyeon got a chance to shine as the lead vocal.

Dahyun went from rapper to vocalist.

Tzuyu’s parts went to Mina

Chaeyoung took over Momo‘s “BB Cream Pa-Pa-Pa” and dance break.

Sana took over the first part of the chorus.

Tzuyu was given the song’s hook.

Momo finally got to rap in a title track.

And main vocalist Nayeon became the group’s lead rapper!

Watch the full performance below!