Here’s How TWICE’s Choreography Lessons Have Changed Since Debut, According To The Members

There’s been a noticeable change!

As fans would know, there is no dancing hole in TWICE. Each member is skilled at moving their body, and it shows!

In an interview with YouTube channel Seventeen, TWICE was asked how long it used to take them to learn choreographies and if it’s changed since then.

Momo in “Like Ooh-Ahh”

Momo revealed that in the past, some members took longer than others to learn the choreographies.

Back then, it took longer for some members.

— Momo

Nayeon explained why that was so, saying that they used to be given less time for choreography lessons. Unlike before, they are now given longer periods to memorize the dances.

But I think back then, we had less time to learn the choreography. We had a tighter timeline to learn it compared to now.

— Nayeon

Now everyone learns it fast,” Momo added.

Jihyo gave her own two cents on the topic. She praised their growth. Compared to before, their alignments and combinations are more refined.

There’s also this. When we do movement lines, for example, we all immediately get in alignment on ‘Three, three, three!‘ And our combinations are better. We’ve come up with a lot of words, too.

— Jihyo

Whether it’s now or in the past, TWICE always impresses with their choreographies!

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Source: YouTube