The TWICE Choreography That Made The Members “Too Exhausted To Walk,” According To Jihyo

The dance is VERY hard!

TWICE is known for their memorable, unique, and fun dances, but Jihyo just revealed that one dance, in particular, took a massive toll on the members.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Tzuyu recently appeared on the YouTube channel odg. The 3 members talked about TWICE’s career so far with students who told them about their own relationships with TWICE’s music.

| odg/YouTube

Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Tzuyu watched performances of all of their title tracks from “Like OOH-AHH” to “Alcohol-Free” with the students.

Because TWICE was so popular, the students were familiar with all the songs and their choreography. The three members shared their memories from each era with the students and explained how they felt during each era.

While watching a “More & More” performance, Jihyo revealed that the dance for this song was the hardest one the group had ever done.

“More & More” was a very high-energy song, and the dance includes many difficult moves and intricate group formations.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Jihyo said the members were “too exhausted to walk” after performing “More & More.”

As she watched the group’s ending fairy poses with the student, she said, “It’s all acting now. Everyone was like, ‘Gosh I’m dying.'”

Watch Jihyo talk about “More & More” and the rest of the odg video below.