This Underrated TWICE Performance Reminds Fans That They’re Absolute Power

This song came out alongside “CHEER UP”, but it’s completely different from the TWICE we’re used to seeing.

On a recent episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, a quiz question regarding the lyrics of TWICE‘s “Touchdown” came up and reminded viewers of a side of TWICE that they would have most likely forgotten.

“Touchdown” was released back in 2016 along with their hit song, “CHEER UP”, but since it was just a side track, there weren’t many live performances of it.

In contrast to “CHEER UP”, “Touchdown” is a dynamic song featuring very powerful dance moves.

When this song came up on the show, the cast was very shocked by how different the performance looked compared to the TWICE they’re more used to seeing.

They pulled off a very intense choreography that showed off their sexy and charismatic side.

Check out the powerful performance that only adds to TWICE’s cute and lovable charms in the link below:

Source: Insight