This Is Why TWICE Continue To Get Along So Well After 6 Years Together According To The Members

They care so much for each other!

Six years is a long time to maintain a relationship, but as TWICE approaches their sixth anniversary, they make it look easy. The girls have achieved so much so far and show no signs of stopping as 2021 is set to end with a full-length album and a world tour on the horizon. So how exactly has TWICE been able to keep such a good working relationship for this long?

TWICE | TWICE/Facebook

During an interview with Bustle, the members discussed their “sixth sense” with each other that has developed over the years. This understanding of each other was a part of what they attributed their success as a group to.

Dahyun (left), Momo (center), & Jeongyeon (right) | TWICE/Facebook

Nayeon was the one to explain the concept, sharing that this special ability has only made their bond stronger.

We’ve been together for so long and we’ve seen each other reacting to certain situations in a certain way, so we know exactly how each other will react in a given situation.


Nayeon (left) & Momo (right) | TWICE/Facebook

Chaeyoung added that a “give and take” was also involved in a successful group relationship. “We don’t try to force each other into understanding where we come from either,” she explained.

Chaeyoung (left), Jihyo (center), & Jeongyeon (right) | TWICE/Facebook

She then added that “Rather, we respect each other and try to see the situation from their perspective. I think that’s why we get along really well as a group.”

Jeongyeon (left), Dahyun (center), & Mina (right) | TWICE/Facebook

As the group leader, Jihyo has a unique perspective and shared that “Being part of TWICE taught me how relationships work.”

Jeongyeon (left), Momo (center), & Sana (right) | TWICE/Facebook

She then compared it to school and explained that “It’s not just the nine of us, but we have so many people working with us in our management company as well.” This mindfulness was another part of what has kept the group going so strong for so long.

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With TWICE’s 6th anniversary on the horizon, it’s interesting to look back and see how the group views themselves. Congratulations to TWICE on six harmonious years, and here’s to many more!

Source: Bustle