TWICE Couldn’t Hide Their Soft Spot For Their Juniors TXT

They’re on their way to becoming MOAs.

TWICE and TXT both attended the Golden Disk Awards and gave fans the cute interaction they hadn’t been expecting but were thankful for.


With their performance of “New Rules” and “Run Away”, TXT stole their hearts and wouldn’t give them back.

At the end of “New Rules”, TXT had to do a quick outfit change for the second half of their performance. With less than thirty seconds to complete it and get into formation, TWICE watched them carefully, unsure if they would make it in time.

Nayeon was so invested in it that she looked back and forth between the stage and the clock. To ease their nervousness, Tzuyu and Momo even laughed to relax.

In the end, TXT made it just in time to keep the performance rolling. They’d narrowly avoided a minor mishap of Yeonjun taking Hueningkai‘s spot, which Beomgyu quickly fixed.

TWICE saw the entire thing and couldn’t hide their joy and relief. Jihyo and Nayeon burst into laughter while Momo held a hand up to her chest in relief.

Afterward, they could all relax and enjoy the performance. Sana was so into it that she busted out the dance moves to “Run Away” while DahyunChaeyoung, and Jeongyeon nodded along.

It looks like TXT have charmed all the members of TWICE with their actions on and off the stage. See them lovingly watch their juniors here.