TWICE’s Dahyun Boldly Catches a Bug Crawling on DinDin’s Leg with Her Bare Hands

“She’s so damn cool.” – DinDin

DinDin recently shared an incident that occurred with TWICE‘s Dahyun at the 2019 MGMA red carpet event which proves Dahyun to be the bravest female idol of all.

The photo that he shared shows DinDin standing awkwardly while Dahyun can be seen staring at his leg.

DinDin explained the situation with the caption, “TWICE’s Dahyun took off a bug from my knee with her bare hands. She’s so damn cool.


In the photo, Dahyun’s hands really were bare, which meant she grabbed the bug off of DinDin’s knee after noticing that he was shocked by the discovery.

In response to this story, fans responded with comments such as “There’s nothing Dahyun can’t do” and “How is Dahyun so fearless?

Source: Dispatch