TWICE’s Dahyun Can Find Any Camera Anywhere And It’s Impressive

Amazing talent.

TWICE‘s Dahyun has a unique talent that everybody is impressed by. No matter where a camera is positioned, she will be able to find it and smile for the picture or video!

Whether it be up really high…

… or real low, Dahyun will be able to find it.

Even in fan signs, Dahyun has been seen peeking behind her and spotting cameras. She smiles and sometimes even waves at the camera. Talk about being photogenic!

Even if it’s dark, and no one is thinking of the camera, Dahyun can spot it. It’s almost as if she can sense it as if she’s drawn to the cameras like a magnet. She has to look at the camera and be adorable, huh?

Dahyun has been caught finding cameras even in airports! Despite how crowded it is, how jam-packed it is, how people cover the cameras with their bodies, Dahyun somehow manages to spot the cameras despite being feet away.

The most impressive parts? She can find cameras from the ceiling. Yup, aerial view cameras. In some performances and shows, Dahyun has been seen looking up to smile at the camera, proving that she has a talent for spotting cameras.


It’s like she’s playing ‘Where’s Waldo?” So cute!

– Korean Netizen

Source: Instiz