People Are Obsessed With TWICE Dahyun Dancing To BTS’s “Fire”

On “Running Man”, Dahyun showed her A.R.M.Y love for BTS – through dance!

During an episode of Running ManTWICE‘s Dahyun blew away the cast with her intense cover of BTS‘s “Fire”.


Dahyun had already danced to several songs, and was just finishing up her turn, when “Fire” started to play.

She knew it was time for another TWICE member to take the stage, but this was her jam!


Dahyun jumped into “Fire” with the same explosive energy…


…as BTS themselves!


“Fire” is not an easy dance, but Dahyun nailed every move…


…and slayed every beat…


…of its complicated choreography!


Dancing queen Momo, who would be taking her turn next, looked shook!


Afterward, the cast members playfully teased Dahyun for diving into the song…

Give the other members a turn, Dahyun!


…but she just couldn’t help herself!


This isn’t the first time Dahyun has shown her red-hot love for “Fire”. She has rocked out to this energizing BTS track many times…


…and shows no sign of stopping!


Like a true A.R.M.Y, Dahyun can never have too much “Fire” in her life! Check out her performance here: