A Former Classmate Is Trying To Sell TWICE Dahyun’s Private Childhood Photos Online

This is an invasion of Dahyun’s privacy.

There’s no arguing that TWICE is a hugely popular group. They’ve got fans all over the world, music videos with views in the hundreds of millions, and have consistently come out in the top 3 in brand reputation rankings.


While ONCEs are more than happy to support the girls in whatever they do and will always want to buy legitimate merchandise or fan goods, they were not at all happy when they discovered one particular TWICE item up for sale online.


Fans were shocked to find out that a former classmate of Dahyun was trying to cash in on her popularity by selling high school yearbook photos of her.


While it may not seem like the biggest deal at first since Dahyun is now famous, these pictures were from before she was a celebrity and were never intended for the public. Fans have been pointing out that this is a huge invasion of her privacy.


Thankfully, after being called out by ONCEs for trying to sell the pictures, the user has now taken down the post and has hopefully learned their lesson.