TWICE’s Dahyun Is A Fresh-Faced Beauty For Solo Magazine Spread

*Googles how to look as flawless as Dahyun*

TWICE‘s Dahyun graced the cover of Beauty+ with a stunning look that proved less is more.


Wearing a simple white blouse, straight hair, and minimal makeup, she was effortlessly beautiful.

In a black-and-white photo, her natural beauty shines even more. Dressed in a long frilly dress and armed with one single prop, Dahyun’s gentle eyes capture your attention.

Even in a black dress that’s far different from the ones before, she never loses that gentle look. In fact, it’s strengthened by it.


In a loose dress, Dahyun shows off the biggest smile to melt everyone’s heart with her youthful beauty.

Whether she’s smiling or giving a more serious expression, Dahyun is the true definition of a fresh-faced beauty.