TWICE’s Dahyun Gives A Hilarious Response When Asked Whether Tzuyu Is “A Cold Or Warm Beauty”

Dahyun and Tzuyu are both beautiful inside and out!

During a live broadcast, TWICE‘s Dahyun and Tzuyu answered a wide range of interesting questions from their fans. One of the questions asked, “Tzuyu, are you a cold or hot beauty?Dahyun and Tzuyu revealed which type of beauty they thought each other fitted and their answers were quite hilarious!

Tzuyu handed the question off for Dahyun to answer and asked her, “What do you think?” While Dahyun tried to come up with an answer and it was pretty difficult. It’s completely understandable! I mean, Tzuyu is definitely beautiful all around! Dahyun explained, “Well, when you don’t talk? Based on how she looks? I don’t know.”

Dahyun needed clarification and asked the viewers exactly what they were asking.

Are you asking about how she looks usually, cold or warm? Are you asking about her first impression? Face only? That’s different. There’s a gap between the two.

— Dahyun

Dahyun struggled to land on cold or hot, but she thought up something in the end and it’s a great answer! Funny, yet still a good answer, Dahyun replied, “How she looks usually is…Maybe…Lukewarm? Lukewarm beauty?” Of course, Tzuyu laughed at Dahyun’s brilliant response.

Tzuyu also added her opinion and stated how during her predebut period many people felt she had a more “cold beauty” type of vibe because of how shy she was.

I didn’t talk much before our debut. I talked less before our debut. So…When I didn’t talk much or didn’t smile, others said I looked cold. So, many people said they felt a distance.

— Tzuyu

Tzuyu then turned the question around and wondered whether Dahyun is a “Cold or hot beauty” Much like Dahyun, Tzuyu hesitated on her answer: “Dahyun is…Warm. I think it’s hard to say.” The two settled that all the TWICE members are Lukewarm beauties: “We’re all lukewarm.

Dahyun commented that she actually prefers to drink lukewarm water so it’s clearly best to have “Lukewarm beauty!”

Source: Naver TV