TWICE’s Dahyun Sheds Light On Why GOT7’s Youngjae Was Called A “Lucky Trainee”

Youngjae hadn’t felt that way at the time.

TWICE‘s Dahyun appeared on GOT7‘s Youngjae‘s radio show and revealed why JYP Entertainment trainees considered him a symbol of good fortune during his pre-debut days.

Youngjae and Dahyun.

On GOT7’s Youngjae’s Best Friend, MC Youngjae couldn’t help asking Dahyun, “What was I like, at the company?” Though the question was unexpected, she remembered a particular memory.

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Dahyun called Youngjae a “really lucky trainee” because he’d accomplished what many others hadn’t been able to. She said, “You debuted shortly after you came in…” There was a perk that came with it that left the other trainees amazed.

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Dahyun explained that Youngjae had gained access to an area of the building that was off limits to the average trainee.

There was a separate building for artists. From the perspective of the trainee, it’s a dream to go to the artist’s building. But it hasn’t been long since he came in, and he moved on right away.

— Dahyun

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Dahyun remembered thinking, “‘Wow, he’s such a lucky trainee.’” Youngjae then shared his perspective at the time, which didn’t sound at all lucky.

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Because Youngjae had less than a year of training, that luck was a double-edged sword. He admitted, “But I didn’t know anything back then. It was scary at the time, and it was desolate.

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Though Youngjae didn’t feel prepared at the time, he did the best he could to become the beloved idol he is today and was thankful to know others had seen the lucky side of it.