TWICE’s Dahyun’s Habit When Crying Makes ONCEs Want To Protect Her

Dahyun, you are the cutest babie!

Feeling emotional during concerts is inevitable!

With the intimate ambiance, the overwhelming connection between the idols and their fans, plus, the feeling of being loved all put together, concerts have easily become a safe space where people can be themselves and cry their emotions out.

Idols aren’t immune to feeling emotional as well! Fans get to see a deeper side, and some cute habits they have whenever they show their raw and real emotions.

ONCEs have noticed that TWICE’s Dahyun has an extremely cute habit whenever she cries.

This habit of hers makes every fan want to protect her forever.

When she cries, she always smiles after and it’s one of the cutest things ONCEs have seen!

She makes sure that ONCEs don’t worry and give them her signature smile whenever she cries! Her natural happy personality easily shows even when she’s overwhelmed with emotions! It’s very evident how much Dahyun wants to make her fans happy and how much she cares for them!