TWICE’s Dahyun Literally Taking the Spotlight with “Tofu Skin” Resurfaces in Korean Online Communities

Did they use a reflective board only on Dahyun?

In one Korean online community, the topic of TWICE Dahyun‘s past appearance on TV Asahi’s Music Station has resurfaced along with multiple photos proving just how much she literally shined.

The shared photos show Dahyun looking so pale that she almost resembles a glass marble.

During both the performance and interview, Dahyun flaunted tofu-like skin that complimented her elegant and refined charms.

In addition, the blonde hair she pulled off on the show made her skin look even more radiant than it already was.

The all-black outfit she wore made for a complementary contrast that gave her look a little more mystery as she truly stood out in the group during TWICE’s Japanese appearance.

Check out the performance that TWICE put on that day through the link below:

Source: Insight