TWICE’s Dahyun And Jeongyeon Offered Moving Advice To Their Younger Selves, And Everyone Should Hear It

They might inspire you!

Rich with experience from their years in the K-Pop industry, TWICE is more than equipped to give advice to their younger selves.

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In a past interview with Billboard, TWICE was asked, “What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?” Dahyun and Jeongyeon stepped up to share their messages, and they were moving!

Dahyun’s childhood picture
Jeongyeon’s childhood picture

Dahyun’s first piece of advice is both practical and important. She asked her childhood self to take better care of her eyes. Unfortunately, she is now suffering the consequences of neglecting her eyes when she was younger.

Because my eyesight is really bad right now, I would like to advise my younger self to take care of my eyes and vision.

— Dahyun

Switching her tone ever so slightly, Dahyun added that she hopes her younger self will make the most out of life. It is impossible to turn back time, so she wants to appreciate each and every moment.

Another piece of advice I want to give is that, because the past never returns, live life to the fullest and appreciate the moment.

— Dahyun

On the other hand, Jeongyeon’s message to her childhood self is to free herself from the burden of worrying too much about what the future holds. She will grow up to be a beautiful person, so she should allow herself to enjoy the present.

Dear Younger Jeongyeon, you are going to grow up to be a magnificent and wonderful person, so don’t worry too much about the future and be free from your burden! Enjoy each moment and keep on going!

— Jeongyeon

Ending her message, she sweetly said, “Your Biggest Supporter, Jeongyeon.

Many people will surely be able to relate to TWICE’s sincere pieces of advice!

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Source: Billboard