How TWICE Dahyun Memed Her Way Into Being a “Comedy Queen” Superstar

She deserves the crown.

We all know that TWICE’s Dahyun is essentially a walking meme for her various “skills” and actions that go viral, but how did she get there?

After all, there’s usually one “variety member” in every group. What makes Dahyun so special?

Well, JYP said it best when he chose Dahyun to be a member of TWICE in the final episode of Sixteen.

But you have a trait that not everyone has. All the skills I mentioned, this can be trained and improved with time. But you have the ability to capture the audience. Wherever you go, in performances, interviews, you draw attention. This is a something that cannot be gained through training. This is why I chose you in Twice.

And he’s not wrong. Even from before she was a trainee, Dahyun always had a knack for comedy and totally being fine with being silly if it made people laugh.

For example, her infamous “eagle dance” that made her go viral when she was in elementary school.

After TWICE debuted, Dahyun would always end up being front in center during variety promotions because of being naturally funny and/or silly.

Like her example her…interesting rendition of the popular “oppaya” aegyo move.

Later, she would gain major notoriety for always being able to find a camera that is trained on her…to the point where it’s become almost like a game in the fandom.

Like “Which camera can Dahyun find next?”

She also has no issue being “unglamorous” on camera, and hilariously has been screenshotted doing “odd” things while the rest of the group is in “idol mode” – like the blanket burrito!

It was this lack of inhibitions in regards to making herself look silly that endeared people to her and made them fall her for comedic charms.

That’s a rarity in the idol world where “proper” image is everything.

But Dahyun just doesn’t seem to care all that much, and embraces her silly side.

Heck, even JYP loves her comedic chops so much that he made it official in TWICE’s “TT” music video!

We really hope that Dahyun can one day be a fixed cast member on a variety show, so we can see her comedic sensibilities more often!

Though we want to make sure she’s cool with it as well…we don’t want to get snapped!