TWICE’s Dahyun Reveals Why Some K-Pop Song Lyrics Are In English

The reason makes so much sense it should have been obvious.

TWICE‘s Dahyun and Jeongyeon faced an unfamiliar challenge when they appeared on Jeong Hyeong Don‘s YouTube channel Untitled TV. They guested on his web series titled What Does That Mean!? and were asked to defend the lyrics of their new song, “Talk That Talk.”

What Does That Mean!? titlecard | 정형돈의 제목없음TV/YouTube

The show’s premise is to expose the inconsistencies found in K-Pop songs in a comedic way. It’s all fun and games, but there are definitely moments that fluster the idols, particularly when the host intentionally misunderstands the lyrics or takes them too literally.

TWICE’s Dahyun and Jeongyeon with Jeong Hyeong Don on What Does That Mean!? | 정형돈의 제목없음TV/YouTube

Despite the stubbornness of the host, Dahyun and Jeongyeon decided to take the challenge head-on and do their best to reasonably argue the beauty of the “Talk That Talk” lyrics. Jeongyeon was quick to shut down any teasing from Jeong Hyeong Don, while Dahyun handled the explanations.

In one part of the video, Jeong Hyeong Don deliberately brings up the fair point of why lyrics in K-Pop songs are translated to English even though the Korean counterpart is the same number of syllables and, therefore, wouldn’t affect the rhythm.

Dahyun had a brilliant answer to this. She pointed out that the English word “now” was much easier to sing at a high note than the Korean equivalent, “jigeum.”

Even with the most far-fetched logic, Jeong Hyeong Don had to admit that it made perfect sense!

It’s impressive to see how much the TWICE members have matured in terms of their musical understanding and variety show wittiness. Their ability to clap back in reality shows will definitely make it more entertaining for fans to watch their activities!

Watch the entire episode of What Does That Mean!? featuring TWICE’s Dahyun and Jeongyeon below!

Source: 정형돈의 제목없음TV/YouTube