TWICE’s Dahyun And TXT’s Taehyun Have A Special Talent When It Comes To Their Fansites

They hit the mark every single time.

TWICE‘s Dahyun is known among ONCEs for having a unique talent when it comes to her fansites.


She could be at an awards show or music show recording.

She could even be posing for press photos.

Every single time, she manages to make eye contact with her fansites. She isn’t the only idol who does this either.

Fans have noticed that TXT‘s Taehyun also has the same unique talent.

Just like Dahyun, Taehyun always manages to find his fansites no matter where they are.

Just by looking at Taehyun’s expression, you can tell that he knows exactly what he’s doing. He and Dahyun can easily give their fansites the well-timed opportunity to snap the perfect photos.

What do you think of their unique talent? With everything happening around them at any given moment, it can’t be easy.