TWICE’s Dream Performance Could Be A Nightmare For Some People—Yet They Killed It

“I thought it was very fun.”

In celebration of their 2000th day since debut, TWICE recently held a live broadcast with all nine members.

When looking back on their most shocking memories from past promotions, Nayeon revealed that hers occurred during one of their “Cheer Up” performances.

I can’t remember where it was, but we were in blue for our “Cheer Up” stage. It was rainy and we were away from Seoul.

— Nayeon

Jihyo perked up, saying that Nayeon must be referring to their 2016 appearance in the Cultwo Show 10th Year Anniversary Concert.

The girls bravely performed to the best of their abilities in spite of the heavy rain and slippery stage.

Understandably, Nayeon remembered getting completely soaked by the rain.

She recalled having no choice but to take the 2 hour ride back home while drenched from head to toe.

It took 2 hours, so we stayed in the car, soaked, for 2 hours. All soaked.

— Nayeon

Surprisingly, she looked back on the memory fondly, calling it “very fun.” Rather than dwell on the inconveniences caused by the rain, she revealed that it was actually her dream to perform in it.

We did the stage in the rain. It was my dream to do a stage in the rain, so I thought it was very fun. And it rained a lot on our way back home.

— Nayeon

Some singers may consider the rain to be a nightmare because of the slippery stage and discomfort of getting soaked…

…but not TWICE! Aside from Nayeon, Sana and Jihyo confessed that it was one of their dream performances as well.

Jeongyeon, however, shared that she was unable to perform back then because of an injured leg. “I wasn’t there because I hurt my leg.

Hopefully, she can experience it for herself one day, too!

No one would have blamed TWICE if they found the rain to be a hindrance, but they admirably welcomed it with open arms instead.

Source: Naver Live