A TWICE Fan Threw A K-Pop Themed Birthday Party And It’s The Most Epic Thing Ever

Excuse us while we plan our own party!

When you think birthday parties you’re probably imaging some balloons, those pointy party hats, maybe a few streamers, and some classic party games like pin the tail on the donkey. But one ONCE got a birthday party that most K-Pop fans can only dream about!


The fan threw a TWICE themed birthday party for her 10 birthday and as expected, everything from the invitations…


To the decorations revolved around the talented girl group!


A big projector with the lucky birthday girl’s name, Natalie, continued to play different songs by the group.


Although, guests could make other K-Pop requests!


That was just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing birthday party, however. First, there was the cake which was an absolute work of art. It featured cute miniatures of all the members of TWICE.


Then there were the games. No pin the tail on the donkey at this party, just a dance game that only played K-Pop songs!

The party also had an arcade basketball game.


And as a treat for the guests, they could come away with some pretty amazing swag.


If that isn’t the most epic birthday party ever, we don’t know what is! Now excuse us while we go plan our own K-Pop party! And a big happy birthday to the lucky birthday girl!

Source: @puppyoonoh