TWICE’s Makeup Artist Reveals Makeup Tips From “Fancy” Music Video

The main concept was holographic eye shadow!

TWICE‘s makeup artist, Won Jeong Yo, has revealed useful makeup tips that were used for TWICE’s “Fancy” music video.

She began by explaining that the point of the “Fancy” makeup was holographic eye shadow.

In general, it gives a dreamlike feel and there is a space in the music video that’s in a different dimension and so to fit that space, I used an eye shadow that changes color depending on the reflection of light.

ㅡ Won Jeong Yo

If you look, it’s pink but if it’s reflected under light, it looks gold.

ㅡ Won Jeong Yo


These holographic eye shadows were used as “point makeup” for highlighting the face or for specific areas on the eyes to give emphasis.

She continued to explain that because holographic eye shadows were very strong, it could make your face look bloated if used in excess. Therefore, it should only be used in small amounts for emphasis on areas such as the cheekbones or the center and tip of the nose.


Won Jeong Yo said she drew the eyeliner in a way that makes the overall look seem sophisticated and alluring and gave some tips on how to draw them more easily. Firstly, she suggested opening your eyes and drawing a dot at the point you’d like your eyeliner to end. Then, you simply need to connect the dots.


She used gel liner for TWICE’s makeup as pencil liners, no matter how thin, were difficult to draw in a sharp line. When drawing the eye line with a gel liner, Won Jeong Yo suggested flattening a Q-tip after drawing the line and smudging it out from below to create a sharp line.


And that’s how TWICE’s gorgeous look for the “Fancy” music video was created!


Check out the full video below:

Source: Youtube