TWICE Fans Are Going Crazy Over Momo’s Lookalike

They could be twins.

It’s been said that everyone in world has seven other people who look just like them, and it seems like fans have discovered one of TWICE Momo‘s.


Meet Mutiara Azzahra, a trainee for the Indonesian girl group, JKT48. JKT48 formed in 2011 as the first sister group of AKB48 outside of Japan. As of October 2018, the group has 49 active members. Mutiara Azzahra will be joined the group’s 7th Generation lineup and is currently part of Team KIII.


Although there are many idols who have been mistaken for each other, the resemblance between Momo and Mutiara Azzahra is truly uncanny.


If they were the same age, they could pass for identical twins!


In fact, in some photos, Mutiara Azzahra looks more like a young Momo than the real Momo does!


Fans can’t get over the similarities between Momo and this adorable “Momo Jr.”.


What makes this doppelganger story even sweeter though is the fact that Mutiara Azzahra is a TWICE fan! She auditioned for her group with a “Dance the Night Away” dance cover.


Given the resemblance and Mutiara Azzahra’s talent, some TWICE fans are now calling on their fellow ONCEs to support “Momo Jr.” too.