TWICE Shocks Fans by Revealing Their Actual No Makeup Faces Ahead of Their Comeback

Mina covered her face out of embarrassment.

TWICE recently uploaded a vlog of themselves practicing for their upcoming comeback, and what surprised the fans the most was the fact that the members appeared with absolutely no makeup on their faces.

The video shows the members being adorable and lively while practicing their new choreography in comfortable training clothes.

Despite being embarrassed about not having any makeup on, the members still managed to shine brightly due to their natural beauty.

Jeongyeon and Momo can be seen snuggling up to each other with their natural faces, and Mina covered her face immediately even though she looked just as beautiful as when she has makeup on.

In contrast, Tzuyu and Jihyo came close to the camera and showed off all sorts of adorable poses that highlighted their youth and energy.

It looks like TWICE has been practicing so hard that they didn’t even have time to put on makeup, not that they even need it with how beautiful they are naturally.

Check out their new vlog below:

Source: Insight