TWICE Fans Plead With JYP Entertainment To Restock The Group’s Albums

Fans don’t think this is fair.

TWICE fans believe that the group is being treated unfairly and are pleading with JYP Entertainment to restock albums.


Though there seems to be a demand for TWICE albums, the majority are sold out on nearly every major music selling platform. Fans have taken to social media to air their grievances.

The conversation was sparked further in light of the news that JYP Entertainment was expanding their partnership with Republic Records to include Stray Kids and ITZY. Many TWICE fans feel that the U.S. label is taking too much credit for the growth of TWICE in the western market. It was claimed that the initial partnership that was developed in 2020 “helped grow TWICE’s footprint in the United States.”

Many fans were upset with the news that TWICE’s labelmates had joined Republic Records after TWICE was allegedly used as an “experiment” to see if other JYPE groups would benefit from a partnership.

The new partnership is said that these three groups will “look to extend their reach further globally with support from Republic as well as Imperial, the independent music company that helped launch and market TWICE’s latest albums.” Fans remain skeptical.

Some fans are also questioning why the albums are not being restocked when meanwhile TWICE is releasing a monograph for Formula of Love: O+T+<3. 

Fans are comparing their situation with other JYP Entertainment groups and are claiming that only TWICE albums are not being restocked. They have taken to Twitter to spam this tweet under any tweet from the group.


Source: Billboard