TWICE’s “Feel Special” Made Mina Realize How Precious Her Members Are To Her

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In an interview with teen magazine J-14, TWICE opened up about the making of their album Feel Special.


Since Mina had been slowly getting back into the swing of things, she expressed how the process made her feel and how she realized the importance of her members.

For the filming of the video and additional scenes, Mina was able to be with all the members. Because of the time she’d spent away from them during her temporary hiatus, it made her realize how precious they are to her and how important their bond is.

I was with all the girls during filming the music video and shooting the scenes with the jacket, which made me feel how precious they are, and how precious the bond we share is.

On top of that, the synergy of having everyone together made it easier for them to do everything they needed to complete. That’s why Mina’s most cherished memory of making the album was reuniting with them.

We were able to be productive and go over schedules because members were all together. So I would have to say my favorite memory during Feel Special was just getting to be with all the members.

Although Mina had been away recovering her health, the time she spent away made her realize how precious her members are to her. She isn’t alone because they missed her just as much.

Source: J-14


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