TWICE Gained A New Appreciation For Their Fans Because Of Nayeon’s “Pop!”

They wanted to have a comeback as soon as possible.

TWICE debuted as a team more than 7 years ago in October 2015, but this year, in June 2022, one of their members, Nayeon, released a solo single for the first time. The song “Pop!” was a massive success and brought much attention to Nayeon and her group.

Nayeon performing “Pop!” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

One of the unexpected positive effects of the single was TWICE’s newfound appreciation for their fans, nicknamed “ONCE.” They shared the story in a behind-the-scenes video of TWICE and THE BOYZ‘s Idol Human Theater episode.

TWICE | KBS Kpop/YouTube

Tzuyu and Mina began by saying that watching Nayeon perform and supporting her performances made them want to have a comeback as an entire group as soon as possible.

Dahyun and Jihyo added that the energy they received from having a live show with ONCEs watching gave them a different energy level.

Lastly, Sana shared that it was their first time trying the fan chants. She said, “Trying Nayeon’s cheering chants, I really felt how hard ONCE is putting effort every time we come back.” Sana also appreciated how their fans would always wake up early to be at their prerecordings.

The sincerity of TWICE’s fans reached the girls, and the experience also made them expect more for their comeback single, “Talk That Talk.”

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video of TWICE and THE BOYZ’s Idol Human Theater below. The members talk about the effect of Nayeon’s first solo single at the 5:35 mark.