Not a Single TWICE Member Had Makeup on at the Airport This Morning

They clearly don’t need makeup whatsoever.

TWICE was recently spotted at Gimpo International Airport heading over to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan for a Japanese program, and every single member showed off their confidence by showing up without any makeup on.

Sana was spotted in cute round glasses and a clean face underneath.

As for Momo, she seemed more youthful than usual without her make up on.

How does Mina manage to draw so much attention without even trying?

Tzuyu was radiant as usual, which suggests that she clearly doesn’t need makeup.

Jihyo was also seen with a clean face, and she seemed very confident about it.

And Chaeyoung was looking cute in her blonde hair and a clean-face look.

Jeongyeon seemed a little tired since it was so early in the morning, but her style was both casual and trendy.

Dahyun was spotted with an eccentric new hair color with her hair tied into a bun.

And lastly, Nayeon showed off a gorgeous smile with her no-makeup face that couldn’t be hidden beneath her adorable glasses.

Source: My Daily