TWICE’s Sana Reveals That She Once Made An Adorable Mistake In Front Of GOT7’s Jinyoung

Sana ended up learning something after this incident!

TWICE and GOT7 were once labelmates at JYP Entertainment, and in a recent live broadcast, TWICE’s Sana shared a story regarding GOT7’s Jinyoung!

TWICE’s Sana
GOT7’s Jinyoung

Sana shared that the incident happened when she and Momo joined JYP Entertainment.

Sana and Momo were in a practice room, and Jinyoung was there as well.

Since Sana and Momo had just recently moved from Japan to Korea, they weren’t fluent in Korean yet. When Jinyoung said he was leaving, Sana and Momo said “hello” instead of goodbye!

Jinyoung then corrected them and politely said, “No, no. That’s not what you say. You should say goodbye.”

Sana and Momo corrected themselves, and this incident helped Sana memorize how to say goodbye in Korean!

Another heartwarming story of GOT7 and TWICE’s friendship!

Source: Naver Live