How TWICE’s Hair And Makeup Evolved From Debut Until Now, According To The Members Themselves

They look gorgeous both then and now.

TWICE‘s style has gone through noticeable changes over the years! The JYP Entertainment girl group debuted in 2015 with “LIKE OOH-AHH” where they had a cool and youthful style that was emphasized with their clothing and hair.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

Over six years later, a lot has changed! In an interview with Seventeen, the girls discussed how their style has matured and what part of their beauty schedules are now different.

According to Mina, they used to be under full control of their company.

Before, we always changed our hair styles. We changed it for every album, even covered it up like this.

— Mina

Momo agreed, saying, “In the beginning, the company would pick our hairstyle.” They had no say in how they would look like during the entire duration of their promotions.

Now, however, they have full reign over their hair looks.

Yeah, now all our members change their hair often based on what they want, regardless of time period.

— Nayeon

Tzuyu gave the example of how she went from a perpetually dark haired girl to a bright one. From “LIKE OOH AHH” to “Cheer Up” and even “Signal,” she always had maroon, black, or brown hair.

In the beginning around our debut, I only did dark colors.

— Tzuyu

From left to right: Tzuyu in 2015, 2016, and 2017

Recently, however, she’s been trying light brown and blonde styles as well. Of course, she rocked them all!

In case lighter hair colors didn’t suit me, I didn’t get to try them out. But later, I got to try a different variety of hair colors.

— Tzuyu

Tzuyu during “More & More” promotions
| @queentzuyu/Instagram

Better yet, they all found their signature looks. As a result, TWICE now has more time for themselves since they and their stylists know what works best for them.

I think our hair and makeup time used to be pretty long. Now it’s not just that our looks are somewhat set, I think we’ve found them, and the amount of time it takes has just gone down.

— Sana

Jihyo agreed and pointed out that preparing in a salon may have also helped speed up the process: “Yeah, back then we’d use to get it done in our place. But now, we’ll go to the hair and makeup shop and get it done there.”

Nayeon summarized the reason why they started experimenting more when she said, “I think there are now more styles we want to try out.”

Check out the full video below to learn more about TWICE.

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