TWICE Hilariously Put Jihyo On The Spot By Asking About Her Drinking Session With Kim Sejeong

The two previously drank together in the show “On & Off.”

During a live broadcast, TWICE hilariously placed Jihyo on the spot when discussing her alcohol tolerance and her recent drinking session with singer Kim Sejeong!

During the live broadcast, Nayeon read a fan request out loud. The fan asked them how much alcohol they can consume, noting that Jihyo is rumored to be capable of drinking the entire night.

I want to know how much alcohol you can drink. I heard that Jihyo can drink all night.

— TWICE fan

Nayeon looked surprised at that new piece of information, saying, “Did you drink all night somewhere?

Jeongyeon, however, knew immediately what the fan was referring to! Recently, Jihyo appeared on the tvN program On & Off with Kim Sejeong where they were seen drinking together.

Jihyo appeared in On & Off. She showed it for the first time.

— Jeongyeon

Rather than hiding their drinking habits from fans, Nayeon wanted to be honest. She admitted that they “can’t drink much.”

We always hide it, so they might think we can drink well, but we actually can’t. We can’t drink much. Let’s tell them.

— Nayeon

After Momo asked what had really happened, Jihyo explained her side. She shared that she and Kim Sejeong occasionally drink together.

Not exactly the drinking capacity. I didn’t say ‘all night.’ I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t. Sejeong said that we have the same drinking capacity. She said it like that, so we drank all night once. We sometimes do it.

— Jihyo

As the conversation on alcohol continued, Jihyo expressed disbelief that they were openly discussing the topic in front of fans.

Are we really talking about this? I feel like I’m dreaming. It’s a dream. Aren’t you surprised?

— Jihyo

Instead of appearing surprised, Nayeon teased Jihyo for drinking on television.

I’ve seen all of this in On & Off. You drank in a show. It looked good.

— Jeongyeon

The girls ended the topic by cheering, “Bottoms up.

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Source: Naver Live